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Exploring Expectations

I have great expectations, and these are things I constantly seem to struggle with. Yet I do not feel like I am struggling with myself or my own expectations of myself. On the contrary: I feel like I struggle first and foremost with my expectations of others, with feeling disappointed, and with trying to manage… Continue reading Exploring Expectations

The Social Construction of Publishing

In my opinion there is not actually just one construct of publishing, I discern at least two such social constructs — perhaps there are even more, but let’s start with the one most people are already somewhat familiar with. Authors. Blank pages. Pens, ink blots and such. Today, maybe desktop PCs — or sitting in… Continue reading The Social Construction of Publishing

Eradicating Estates, Building Pillars in their Place

Their is a vision haunting my mind: That vision is a phenomenon – an abstraction – which exists between people. For me, this phenomenon seems completely obvious. It is not a new phenomenon, yet it has hardly been understood very well. I dream of its existence day and night, and it appears so significant to… Continue reading Eradicating Estates, Building Pillars in their Place