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Learning How to Code

You may recall that in my previous installment [ ], I mentioned that one of the first “codes” to be made open source were Latin texts. Latin, however, was not one of the first codes to exist. The text / texts above is / are encoded using Cuneiform, which is generally considered to be… Continue reading Learning How to Code

Reboot 2.0 — Are We Ready for a Renaissance in Open Source Information Technology?

In my opinion, the time is ripe for a reboot in open source information technology — yet exactly what that term “open source information technology” is supposed to mean might first need some clarification. There are quite a few possible misinterpretaions (“mis-” as in: “in disagreement with me” 😉 ). My point of view is… Continue reading Reboot 2.0 — Are We Ready for a Renaissance in Open Source Information Technology?

Science vs. Technology

Believe it or not, this is where I want / need to address in a first step toward working out the “digital divide” concept I introduced in “More about Modes and Levels of Literacy>“. When I was young, I always thought science and technology were aligned, and that engineering was all about this sort of… Continue reading Science vs. Technology

Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data

I have been trying to review some of my disparate ideas, mulling them over in order to reach some kind of synthesis. Again since most of these ideas seem to be kind of controversial, even just mentioning one of them very likely would trip up the argument severely, simply because most of my audience —… Continue reading Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data

Exploring Expectations

I have great expectations, and these are things I constantly seem to struggle with. Yet I do not feel like I am struggling with myself or my own expectations of myself. On the contrary: I feel like I struggle first and foremost with my expectations of others, with feeling disappointed, and with trying to manage… Continue reading Exploring Expectations

Status Quo & Confirmation Bias vs Scientific Hypothesis Testing

About a week ago I became keenly aware of the way the term “confirm” is regularly used in society today … and I do believe it is used quite differently today than it was used many centuries or perhaps even millennia ago. To speak of millennia, of course, draws attention to the way this term… Continue reading Status Quo & Confirmation Bias vs Scientific Hypothesis Testing

Things you don’t know that you don’t know

I had an interesting chat with one of my German friends (who also happens to belong to the group I mentioned in Chapter 3: “What is the Primary Goal of Social Business?“). I was telling him about a story I was working on at the moment (“The lowdown on the current state in the Amanda… Continue reading Things you don’t know that you don’t know

Relationships and Things

A very long time ago, someone came up with names for things. It was so long ago, that we can no longer really tell how it happened. In the beginning, it was said. That’s pretty much all we know – no, it’s actually what we believe. How’s that for facts? OK, so as my father… Continue reading Relationships and Things