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Canonical Rules and Other Phenomena

The other day, one of my online colleagues wrote a post with some tips about “How To Refocus When You Can’t Achieve Your Dreams” [ ]. Even though I quickly replied with a comment, mine was not the first — she seems to have struck a nerve. I quite often refer to literacy —… Continue reading Canonical Rules and Other Phenomena

Exploring Expectations

I have great expectations, and these are things I constantly seem to struggle with. Yet I do not feel like I am struggling with myself or my own expectations of myself. On the contrary: I feel like I struggle first and foremost with my expectations of others, with feeling disappointed, and with trying to manage… Continue reading Exploring Expectations

Eradicating Estates, Building Pillars in their Place

Their is a vision haunting my mind: That vision is a phenomenon – an abstraction – which exists between people. For me, this phenomenon seems completely obvious. It is not a new phenomenon, yet it has hardly been understood very well. I dream of its existence day and night, and it appears so significant to… Continue reading Eradicating Estates, Building Pillars in their Place