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Eradicating Estates, Building Pillars in their Place

Their is a vision haunting my mind: That vision is a phenomenon – an abstraction – which exists between people.

For me, this phenomenon seems completely obvious. It is not a new phenomenon, yet it has hardly been understood very well. I dream of its existence day and night, and it appears so significant to me that I have little doubt that its significance may someday soon overshadow all of humanity.

Let me get back to describing this wonderful phenomenon in a moment.

Before that, I wish to tear down some facades that continue to plague the clear understanding of many (indeed probably even most), which have been used to mislead humans to this day, regarding relationships among their social order.

The fantastic story goes like this: Humans are housed in Estates. Behind door to Estate number 1 we have rulers, which can be divided into the ruling storytellers and the ruling heroes who are the beneficiaries of these stories, as it is through these stories that they become adored and placed way up high upon thrones for others to kneel down in front of, in order to be ruled upon. And rule they do – the rulers make rules all day, every day.

In this saga, you could put everyone else behind the door to Estate number 2 … except for the simple fact that this “all other cases” Estate of people has such a vastly larger population that it at some point apparently became useful (for the ruling Estate) to segregate the masses into two separate Estates. So they came up with a plan to make not only one Estate number 2, but to make two more Estates … and to put the vast majority of the poor huddled masses into Estate number 3. Estate number 2 was reserved for an intermediate group of people – you might think of those people who George Carlin once referred to as (something like) people who were just smart enough to handle all the paperwork and run the machines, basically: the administrators who did the administrative tasks of actually carrying out the dirty work involved in the actual administration of all the rules. For this, they were allowed to have a separate Estate in order to feel somewhat privileged. The great advantage of this Second Estate was that any grievances would first of all be directed at them, and the First Estate could remain focused on making more rules, and / or replacing old, worn-out rules with new and improved rules, or maybe even just pretending to do something to keep themselves busy and to not get bogged down with a whole lot of nitty-gritty stuff that might interfere with their primary occupation – sitting on thrones.

Well, so this story about this Estates business was working fine until someone came up with the idea of making a Fourth Estate. The whole thing became increasingly messy, mainly because with so many Estates it became increasingly difficult to put all of the people in their proper place. Today, most of the people seem to be running around all over, and no one can really tell who is in charge any more – this is also known as democracy.

We’ve been doing this stuff for a few hundred years (though the original Estates scheme is certainly several millennia in the making), and now when stuff needs to get fixed, nobody can’t find no parts, we can’t get no satisfaction and also nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.

So this is where my new phenomenal vision comes to the rescue. Let’s just get rid of all this Estates business and build some pillars instead. We can create a platform, and we can just call it a plain plane. Three pillars will do just fine.

The first pillar can be the rules pillar – let’s call it a government. The second pillar can be a business pillar – we can call it a free market. The difference between pillar number 1 and pillar number 2 is that whereas in the first pillar people talk a lot and everyone calls each other names, in the second pillar people mainly give each other jobs to do and also generally keep quite busy, each more or less focused on their own business … yet these people also call each other names. However, the first pillar is actually ultimately in charge of all the names (which are sort of bestowed upon everyone else, and also on the people involved with the Government Pillar). This leaves the third pillar – the still unnamed phenomenal pillar.

This third pillar has hardly ever been talked about before – which seems quite odd, doesn’t it? Well, yes it is: especially considering how important the phenomenon actually is. Indeed: It is so important that in my humble opinion it warrants its very own chapter.


By New Media Works

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