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Rates of Evolution

Evolution is often thought of as a single thing. Yet’s it’s not even a thing at all — it’s a phenomenon, a figment of our imaginations, one way that we interpret the world we live in. It is perhaps one of our most abstract scientific concepts. At the same time, no one even just somewhat… Continue reading Rates of Evolution

Mainstreaming vs. Mass Throttling

This week I am very much under the influence of a few podcasts which address (or “report” on) topics I find fascinating, yet which are not directly in the “wheelhouse” of my interests. The topics covered, while somewhat similar, seem rather unconnected (apart from both being related to my own interest in such topics as… Continue reading Mainstreaming vs. Mass Throttling

Motivational Characteristics of Marketplace Participants

I have thought about issues related to “Motivational Characteristics of Marketplace Participants” for quite some time already. Although that title is already quite long, I think I need to narrow down what I intend to write about today even more. I want to contrast two instances of marketplaces — one from the past, the other… Continue reading Motivational Characteristics of Marketplace Participants

There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

In some circles, this saying is very well-known. In most circles, almost everyone will deny ever maintaining it. This saying is so renowned that it has its own page @ … which indicates that its origins can most probably be traced to the languages of gamblers and con artists. [1] I have for many… Continue reading There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

Free Speech & Market Speech

I have been mulling over one of my long-held beliefs a lot lately … and the big puzzle for me is: why do so few people get it? I think the answer is a combination of several things — and that is a big part of why it seems to be complex, not simple, not… Continue reading Free Speech & Market Speech

Group Pride

Elvis was sick. Marilyn was sick. Dorothy was sick. Adolf was very very sick. They all became heroes in their times. [1] How reliable was the Oracle at Delphi? Did anyone maintain statistics about the reliability (and / or the validity) of this technology? Oh, wait a second — modern scientific methods had not been… Continue reading Group Pride

Disrespect is Depressing

I actually had this thought first of all in German: “Verachtung ist depremierend” — and the nuances of “respect” are actually somewhat different from those of “Verachtung”. Kluge’s etymological dictionary informs me that the “ver-” in “Verachtung” means the opposite (rather than the negation), and “Achtung” also does not focus (haha, pun intended 😉 )… Continue reading Disrespect is Depressing

Learning How to Code

You may recall that in my previous installment [ ], I mentioned that one of the first “codes” to be made open source were Latin texts. Latin, however, was not one of the first codes to exist. The text / texts above is / are encoded using Cuneiform, which is generally considered to be… Continue reading Learning How to Code

Reboot 2.0 — Are We Ready for a Renaissance in Open Source Information Technology?

In my opinion, the time is ripe for a reboot in open source information technology — yet exactly what that term “open source information technology” is supposed to mean might first need some clarification. There are quite a few possible misinterpretaions (“mis-” as in: “in disagreement with me” 😉 ). My point of view is… Continue reading Reboot 2.0 — Are We Ready for a Renaissance in Open Source Information Technology?

A jumping off point for the truth

I listen to quite a few podcasts, and I have already mentioned some of them here before. Now I am going to mention an episode of “Factory Settings” (another episode of which I also mentioned a few months ago — see “There (but for the Grace of God) Go I“). In this new (or at least… Continue reading A jumping off point for the truth