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There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

In some circles, this saying is very well-known. In most circles, almost everyone will deny ever maintaining it. This saying is so renowned that it has its own page @ … which indicates that its origins can most probably be traced to the languages of gamblers and con artists. [1] I have for many… Continue reading There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

Group Pride

Elvis was sick. Marilyn was sick. Dorothy was sick. Adolf was very very sick. They all became heroes in their times. [1] How reliable was the Oracle at Delphi? Did anyone maintain statistics about the reliability (and / or the validity) of this technology? Oh, wait a second — modern scientific methods had not been… Continue reading Group Pride

Decentralization of Marketplaces

At this moment in Germany, perhaps the very last “department store” chain is on the verge of bankruptcy. That isn’t very remarkable — unless you consider that the business model is essentially the same as the business model which is replacing it: Amazon is basically a department store. The main advance in technology introduced by… Continue reading Decentralization of Marketplaces


Having written a few posts for the (German language) project I started a few weeks ago, I want to share a little bit about my experience so far. The concept Gegenüber.NET is based on has a lot to do with concepts which in English are addressed with words like “community” or “collaboration” … although my… Continue reading Collaborateurs

Some Market Price is Probably More or Less Accurate at Some Moment in Some Marketplace (& Socio BIZ Rule #2)

Over the past few weeks, I have asked my readers to come along on rather intellectual exercises. Now I feel the time is right to begin turning our fitness journey towards some practical, “real life” results — basically applications and insights into the way the world actually works (according to my theories 😉 ). Note… Continue reading Some Market Price is Probably More or Less Accurate at Some Moment in Some Marketplace (& Socio BIZ Rule #2)

Social Business Regulation: Introduction & Socio BIZ Rule #1

Over the weekend, I spent an entire day working on what I will present today as Socio BIZ Rule #1 for Social Business — but first let me backtrack a little bit about how I got to this place. If you have been following along with chapters 1-20, then you are already quite up to… Continue reading Social Business Regulation: Introduction & Socio BIZ Rule #1

The Social Construction of Publishing

In my opinion there is not actually just one construct of publishing, I discern at least two such social constructs — perhaps there are even more, but let’s start with the one most people are already somewhat familiar with. Authors. Blank pages. Pens, ink blots and such. Today, maybe desktop PCs — or sitting in… Continue reading The Social Construction of Publishing