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Mainstreaming vs. Mass Throttling

This week I am very much under the influence of a few podcasts which address (or “report” on) topics I find fascinating, yet which are not directly in the “wheelhouse” of my interests. The topics covered, while somewhat similar, seem rather unconnected (apart from both being related to my own interest in such topics as… Continue reading Mainstreaming vs. Mass Throttling

Free Speech & Market Speech

I have been mulling over one of my long-held beliefs a lot lately … and the big puzzle for me is: why do so few people get it? I think the answer is a combination of several things — and that is a big part of why it seems to be complex, not simple, not… Continue reading Free Speech & Market Speech

A jumping off point for the truth

I listen to quite a few podcasts, and I have already mentioned some of them here before. Now I am going to mention an episode of “Factory Settings” (another episode of which I also mentioned a few months ago — see “There (but for the Grace of God) Go I“). In this new (or at least… Continue reading A jumping off point for the truth

Science vs. Technology

Believe it or not, this is where I want / need to address in a first step toward working out the “digital divide” concept I introduced in “More about Modes and Levels of Literacy>“. When I was young, I always thought science and technology were aligned, and that engineering was all about this sort of… Continue reading Science vs. Technology

How to Become Someone or Something

First and foremost: You must change. If you simply stay the way you already are, you will never become someone (or something). Personally, I don’t want to become someone or something — I am very happy just being me. If you aren’t, then I guess there is no way around actually changing. So if you… Continue reading How to Become Someone or Something

Human Brain Conditioner: Super Bowl Edition

Today I would like to consider the Super Bowl — and similar “global” sports events. In gerneral, I stopped watching TV many decades ago — I had become aware (at a quite early age) how such machinery (and “programming”) is made in order to manipulate people. I have not missed it at all, and I… Continue reading Human Brain Conditioner: Super Bowl Edition

Proud People Have Nothing to Hide (Besides Their Foolish Pride)

There is a certain species of proud person — the one who comes across as somewhat courageous, but who is in fact much more naïve — who will apparently fearlessly declare that they have nothing to hide. What most of these sort of people overlook is their own foolish pride. Whether they are more or… Continue reading Proud People Have Nothing to Hide (Besides Their Foolish Pride)

Responsible Media Literacy

The World is turning, the times they are a’ changing and “the news” is no longer as relevant as it was decades ago. There is no longer TEH news — as if there were something that might qualify as newsworthy … the way it was in previous times: I know it’s true — oh, so… Continue reading Responsible Media Literacy

Us OR Them — Whose Job is it to GTFO?

I am more or less clean — I wash my hands regularly, bathe regularly, I stay safe, … whether I do so more or less than the average human, I don’t know. Yet I do go above and beyond what ordinary folks do on a regular basis. Ordinary folks do not normally take measures to… Continue reading Us OR Them — Whose Job is it to GTFO?

Self-Made World

I want to describe a storyline that I notice is used time and again … indeed, so much that it seems as if it were repetitive enough to come across as suspicious … . This is the myth of the “self-made man” (or woman? why not person? probably because it lacks the alliteration 😉 ).… Continue reading Self-Made World