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Science vs. Technology

Believe it or not, this is where I want / need to address in a first step toward working out the “digital divide” concept I introduced in “More about Modes and Levels of Literacy>“. When I was young, I always thought science and technology were aligned, and that engineering was all about this sort of… Continue reading Science vs. Technology

More about Modes and Levels of Literacy

I have mentioned before that it is wrong to contrast literacy with illiteracy (see e.g. “Literacy = ! { an on-off switch }“). Instead, I believe there are many modes and levels of literacy. Take, for example, language written on paper. If someone were to call a person who could read either cuneiform written on tablets… Continue reading More about Modes and Levels of Literacy

Proud People Have Nothing to Hide (Besides Their Foolish Pride)

There is a certain species of proud person — the one who comes across as somewhat courageous, but who is in fact much more naïve — who will apparently fearlessly declare that they have nothing to hide. What most of these sort of people overlook is their own foolish pride. Whether they are more or… Continue reading Proud People Have Nothing to Hide (Besides Their Foolish Pride)

Responsible Media Literacy

The World is turning, the times they are a’ changing and “the news” is no longer as relevant as it was decades ago. There is no longer TEH news — as if there were something that might qualify as newsworthy … the way it was in previous times: I know it’s true — oh, so… Continue reading Responsible Media Literacy

Canonical Rules and Other Phenomena

The other day, one of my online colleagues wrote a post with some tips about “How To Refocus When You Can’t Achieve Your Dreams” [ ]. Even though I quickly replied with a comment, mine was not the first — she seems to have struck a nerve. I quite often refer to literacy —… Continue reading Canonical Rules and Other Phenomena

That’s Just the Way IT is

This week I met up with a bunch of people in the “domain name” industry. I find it odd the way it still seems like whenever most people talk about domain names (even including people who are supposedly themselves industry insiders), they act as if it might be an insignificant or negligible thing to consider.… Continue reading That’s Just the Way IT is