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Self Determination

Among the people I met up with in Porto last weekend (see chapter 21, “Social Business Regulation: Introduction & Socio BIZ Rule #1“) was a woman from Latvia who spoke really excellent English (probably because — as she mentioned in passing — she now lives in England). She noted that she feels it is wrong the… Continue reading Self Determination

The Law One

You might think I might now present an argument saying you should never kill anything, but if so then I’m afraid I am going to disappoint you. Going back (anyone remember that song by Nils Lofgren?) … to the Seventies (I think), I arrive at this iconic line from a band called The Clash (perhaps… Continue reading The Law One

We Come in Peace … SHOOT TO KILL !!!

Back in 1987, there was a band called “The Firm” (no, not the one with Paul Rodgers & Jimmy Page) … which released a very successful single named “Star Trekkin”. You can still find copies of the promo video today. Imagine you were arriving at some planet somewhere and you discovered a developed civilization with… Continue reading We Come in Peace … SHOOT TO KILL !!!

Literacy = ! { an on-off switch }

Literacy is not an “on / off” switch. That statement seems quite simple and straightforward, but it can be written in a variety of ways … and what’s even more astonishing is: while the proposition itself seems quite obvious (at least if you spend at least a little longer than a second to think about… Continue reading Literacy = ! { an on-off switch }

Writing (by Machines for Humans)

At the conclusion of Chapter 2 (“Relationships and Things“), we considered the question of whether languages might be interpreted across species. Now I want to consider whether a particular kind of language can be used for communication between humans and machines. Let me give you the answer right at the outset: such languages are already… Continue reading Writing (by Machines for Humans)