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Self VS. Spy

Ah, Summertime … 🙂 In any case now (as a follow-up to last week’s “Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data“) might be the best time to yet again bring up the spyware issue (which of course ultimately harkens back to the entire rational — versus irrational — media debate [1] ). Irrational media cannot deliver… Continue reading Self VS. Spy

Literacy = ! { an on-off switch }

Literacy is not an “on / off” switch. That statement seems quite simple and straightforward, but it can be written in a variety of ways … and what’s even more astonishing is: while the proposition itself seems quite obvious (at least if you spend at least a little longer than a second to think about… Continue reading Literacy = ! { an on-off switch }

Things you don’t know that you don’t know

I had an interesting chat with one of my German friends (who also happens to belong to the group I mentioned in Chapter 3: “What is the Primary Goal of Social Business?“). I was telling him about a story I was working on at the moment (“The lowdown on the current state in the Amanda… Continue reading Things you don’t know that you don’t know