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Responsible Media Literacy

The World is turning, the times they are a’ changing and “the news” is no longer as relevant as it was decades ago. There is no longer TEH news — as if there were something that might qualify as newsworthy … the way it was in previous times: I know it’s true — oh, so… Continue reading Responsible Media Literacy

Inter-Reliance, Self-Dependence & Responsibility

I feel I need to revisit this topic. I don’t know when I first visited it (yet you might want to check out the homepage @ Wants.Blog [ ] ) — maybe the whole idea of revisiting something was introduced to me by F. Scott Fitzgerald — I enjoyed a lot of his stories,… Continue reading Inter-Reliance, Self-Dependence & Responsibility

Responsibility for Online Behavior

Over the past few years, I have significantly increased my online engagement. I could trace this all the way back to my decision to refocus my attention to online work in general (which was already quite a long time ago), but I think it would be more correct to say it was more a result… Continue reading Responsibility for Online Behavior