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Self VS. Spy

Ah, Summertime … 🙂

In any case now (as a follow-up to last week’s “Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data“) might be the best time to yet again bring up the spyware issue (which of course ultimately harkens back to the entire rational — versus irrational — media debate [1] ).

Irrational media cannot deliver valid data of any kind. Period. End of debate. End of story. QED. Whatever, nevermind.

OK — did you say you want some more? Well, here’s some more ….

For data to be valid, there must be some kind of validity test involved. Irrational media cannot be tested in any way, because irrational media is inherently whimsical: there is no basis for irrational media other than the whim(s) of its creator(s). Imagine some royal whatever sitting on a throne and deciding whether or not to pardon the French.

Well, pardon my French but WTF is this royal God-like Oracle to tell me (or the French) whether or not to click on a link? I don’t need no propaganda machine or search engine to tell me what is right (versus what is not right or whatever), and certainly not some irrational string of letters such as Google!

I can think for my self myself!

I can even spell. I am sort of literate — no, I did not mean (nor do I mean) to give Google any data right now.

Which rational person would willingly give data to spies? About themselves? To spies who themselves openly declare themselves to be irrational? Which organization which claims to be irrational would ever be able to muster valid data?

OK, now here is the kicker (for today):

Which person (or company or organization or whatever) in their right mind (in case they have one) would pay an irrational enterprise for invalid data?

You don’t have to look far — just Google it! (whatever you Google, I bet all the top results are “brought to you by” their sponsors [2] )

… and the living is easy …. 🙂

[1] actually, there is no debate — it is actually more of a preference for ignorance (as in “ignorance is bliss”) over enlightenment (as in literacy — for more background, see Chapter 20, “Language & Community — Some More or Less Clearly Defined Definitions“)
[2] of course Google hardly tells anyone that links shown as so-called “organic results” linking to sites upon which advertising is displayed (brought to you by Google) … is pretty much the entire business model of Google (apart from the more recent spyware business)

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