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The Contexts of Algorithms

IT’s an unsolvable problem: there is not some magical equilibrium in the middle that will make this work. IT’s about finding a balance. “There is No Algorithm for Truth – with Tom Scott” [18:00 – 18:15] (see also ) That quote comes from a presentation (apparently given in September 2019) — and the “IT”… Continue reading The Contexts of Algorithms

Localization (or Localisation?) and Context: Das Gegenüber

Localization is a commonly used term to refer to translating content into other languages — but it’s almost never as simple as that. One of my German friends suggested I should write something for a German-speaking audience (alluding to some of my English language sites, such as this one or my indigena project). I felt… Continue reading Localization (or Localisation?) and Context: Das Gegenüber

Infinity vs URL

How many specks of dust are there in the universe? Very very many. Is each speck of dust unique? Perhaps, maybe, I don’t know. Vast is a quite short word, yet it spans such breadth, so many cases, across the universe. This little four-letter word almost extends beyond the outer reaches of human intellect itself.… Continue reading Infinity vs URL