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Decentralization of Marketplaces

At this moment in Germany, perhaps the very last “department store” chain is on the verge of bankruptcy. That isn’t very remarkable — unless you consider that the business model is essentially the same as the business model which is replacing it: Amazon is basically a department store. The main advance in technology introduced by… Continue reading Decentralization of Marketplaces

Some Market Price is Probably More or Less Accurate at Some Moment in Some Marketplace (& Socio BIZ Rule #2)

Over the past few weeks, I have asked my readers to come along on rather intellectual exercises. Now I feel the time is right to begin turning our fitness journey towards some practical, “real life” results — basically applications and insights into the way the world actually works (according to my theories 😉 ). Note… Continue reading Some Market Price is Probably More or Less Accurate at Some Moment in Some Marketplace (& Socio BIZ Rule #2)

With or Without Advertising

In the previous two installments, we investigated worlds with and without advertising. Now let’s begin trying to discover which world we prefer to (or choose to) engage in. Essentially, this boils down to choosing whether we want to receive one message at a time, or whether we would prefer to receive two messages at the… Continue reading With or Without Advertising

Publishing Without Walls

Picking up the pieces from our previous installment (“A Deep Dive Behind the Editorial Wall“), let’s consider what publishing looks like without walls. My hunch is that there are a lot of people who are completely unfamiliar with the idea that it is possible to publish something without some kind of advertising — and here,… Continue reading Publishing Without Walls

A Deep Dive Behind the Editorial Wall

At the moment my brain is brimming with a bunch of interconnected ideas … and this one needs to be addressed first of all. Many years ago, when I first published my controversial ideas (way before I revised the nomenclature in “Hope & Change: Flipping the F-word & Removing the Old-Fashioned R-word” [ ],… Continue reading A Deep Dive Behind the Editorial Wall

A Tale of Two Segments

Once upon a time, where you lived had a huge impact on your life. Now, not so much. Today, what you think about, what you spend your time with, what occupies your mind and your mental energy matters a lot more. In this chapter, I aim to do a little thought experiment. I am going… Continue reading A Tale of Two Segments

Chill to Follow

There is a dim glow on the horizon, it is a wallowing in the comfortably numb state of golden slumbers. Humans are not all that special. We may be human, but we’re still animals. Steve Vai, “Liberty” (from the album “Passion and Warfare”) Like animals, we do not expect things “out of the ordinary” to… Continue reading Chill to Follow

Self VS. Spy

Ah, Summertime … 🙂 In any case now (as a follow-up to last week’s “Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data“) might be the best time to yet again bring up the spyware issue (which of course ultimately harkens back to the entire rational — versus irrational — media debate [1] ). Irrational media cannot deliver… Continue reading Self VS. Spy

Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data

I have been trying to review some of my disparate ideas, mulling them over in order to reach some kind of synthesis. Again since most of these ideas seem to be kind of controversial, even just mentioning one of them very likely would trip up the argument severely, simply because most of my audience —… Continue reading Moving Out Beyond Levels of Data

We Come in Peace … SHOOT TO KILL !!!

Back in 1987, there was a band called “The Firm” (no, not the one with Paul Rodgers & Jimmy Page) … which released a very successful single named “Star Trekkin”. You can still find copies of the promo video today. Imagine you were arriving at some planet somewhere and you discovered a developed civilization with… Continue reading We Come in Peace … SHOOT TO KILL !!!