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With or Without Advertising

In the previous two installments, we investigated worlds with and without advertising. Now let’s begin trying to discover which world we prefer to (or choose to) engage in. Essentially, this boils down to choosing whether we want to receive one message at a time, or whether we would prefer to receive two messages at the… Continue reading With or Without Advertising

Language & Community — Some More or Less Clearly Defined Definitions

I feel I need to make clear how I define some terms. Although I feel as though I use most terms in a very literal manner, I think some people misunderstand what I mean because these terms sometimes have connotations which differ significantly from the way the terms are (or “ought to be) understood in… Continue reading Language & Community — Some More or Less Clearly Defined Definitions

Linguistic Empathy & Community Boundaries

Languages are abstractions — they pretend to actually exist, but in reality they are more like amorphous relationships between the language’s speakers (or users). When one person uses a word and another person interprets that word’s meaning, there is no guarantee of absolute congruency — meanings can be laden with all sorts of connotations, there… Continue reading Linguistic Empathy & Community Boundaries