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My No-Know Freeze-Frame World

This post is yet again quite “media” related. In this case, the focus is on a very nondescript split second (or maybe like 1 or 2 seconds) “in between” scenes from a decades-old movie called “Wayne’s World” (you might want to contrast that title with the somewhat longer title of this post 😉 ). “Wayne’s… Continue reading My No-Know Freeze-Frame World


Manufacturing Consent

Today I talked a friend of mine into watching one of Noam Chomsky’s documentary films (in this case “Requiem for an American Dream”). I have to say that Chomsky’s ideas have influenced my thinking far more than anything I ever thought would influence my thinking … and I also feel there is something unsettling about… Continue reading Manufacturing Consent

Human Brain Conditioner

Last week’s post seems to have occupied my own brain pretty much all of this week, and yesterday I experienced what I consider to be quite a momentous breakthrough. As usually happens with significant breakthroughs like this, it will probably take several days or weeks for all of the dust to settle. Here and now… Continue reading Human Brain Conditioner

More about the difference between ignorance and Socrates

A long time ago (for me personally, maybe like a decade ago) I posted a graphic I made on TEH Facebook (actually, it was already just plain old “Facebook” 😉 ). It showed one of the significant differences between computers and humans (overlooking stuff like “living” vs. “not living”): I remember mentioning that I didn’t… Continue reading More about the difference between ignorance and Socrates

What it means to own different kinds of technology

I guess most people own at least one pair of shoes, and some people own other kinds of technology for mobility — such as bicycles or cars. Many many different kinds of technology exist, and owning each particular technology has a particular kind of significance. For example: owning a bicycle means that the owner values… Continue reading What it means to own different kinds of technology

Literacy Study: The smug smile

I have been puzzling about this topic quite a bit — while the idea first came to me gradually, then in spurts, in the end what puzzled me most was how to frame it. There are probably innumerable approaches I could take — for example, how people sometimes talk about “reading a room”, “reading a… Continue reading Literacy Study: The smug smile

Information Retrieval & Algorithmic Search vs Visual Design & Brute Force

Yesterday I posted some feedback about recent changes in WordPress Reader (see “WordPress.COM Reader Design Feedback (about Featured Image & information usability)” [ ] ). My own feedback comes from my own reading habits, which are very text-based and also oriented towards natural language search (including algorithmic information retrieval) technology. I realize that most people… Continue reading Information Retrieval & Algorithmic Search vs Visual Design & Brute Force

Decentralization of Marketplaces

At this moment in Germany, perhaps the very last “department store” chain is on the verge of bankruptcy. That isn’t very remarkable — unless you consider that the business model is essentially the same as the business model which is replacing it: Amazon is basically a department store. The main advance in technology introduced by… Continue reading Decentralization of Marketplaces


Having written a few posts for the (German language) project I started a few weeks ago, I want to share a little bit about my experience so far. The concept Gegenüber.NET is based on has a lot to do with concepts which in English are addressed with words like “community” or “collaboration” … although my… Continue reading Collaborateurs

Self, Words, The Word & Language Itself

Today I would like to tie together a few loose ends again, picking up one from last week, another from maybe a few months ago and perhaps a couple more along the way. Last week, I described an odd sort of dichotomy that can arise if someone views words separately from the persons who are… Continue reading Self, Words, The Word & Language Itself