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How to Become Someone or Something

First and foremost: You must change. If you simply stay the way you already are, you will never become someone (or something).

Personally, I don’t want to become someone or something — I am very happy just being me.

If you aren’t, then I guess there is no way around actually changing. So if you are determined to change, then you will need to figure out what you want to change into — what you plan to become.

Since I surf around a lot online, I come across quite a few people who maintain they are something. Innumerable people, for example, maintain they are authors (probably such people think that sounds fabulous, celebrated or whatnot). OK, well TBH: IDGAF. If someone maintains to be X, Y or Z, then that is 100% meaningless to me. It doesn’t matter one iota what someone says about themselves. What matters is what other people say — in other words: what a person is known as, is known for, whether or not they are renowned.

Probably one of the easiest ways to become a renowned someone or something is to simply pay people to talk about you. You don’t need to call it advertising or bullshit or bogus or whatever, just make sure it gets repeated enough to your so-called target audience.

And here’s another piece of advice (from none other than Joe Rogan, just a few days ago):

People resonate towards positivity (JRE #1941)

By New Media Works

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