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Human Brain Conditioner: Super Bowl Edition

Today I would like to consider the Super Bowl — and similar “global” sports events.

In gerneral, I stopped watching TV many decades ago — I had become aware (at a quite early age) how such machinery (and “programming”) is made in order to manipulate people. I have not missed it at all, and I feel my understanding of the world is at least on par with most other people. I am also quite careful with other “sources of information“.

I already know who wins every sporting event well before the event begins. This is rather for one very simple and straightforward reason: the advertisers always win.

A few years ago, I decided to “loosen up” a little bit, and watch a world cup match (on television — I would never visit a stadium in order to behave like a madman, I can do that quite well in the privacy of my own home 😉 ). I even watched the ads during halftime — I was interested which companies wanted to show up in front of this audience … perhaps I might even be able to learn something from it … (?) … and (of course) I continue to derive great joy out of irritating people around me when during a match I cheer for the advertisers showing their advertisements during the live event.

And just now I also remembered how such sports events also prominently feature celebrities, politicians and such — whether on a stage or among the crowds in attendance. I now wonder: could such “platforms” also be used by other members of the crowd? Of course, streakers have discovered this niche in order to show off pieces of their personality, but what if someone were to raise a banner saying where to buy the best vuvuzela in town? Perhaps a code for quick & easy delivery service? Or maybe a bunch of fans could each wear t-shirts which together would display some leading brand name or logo? (see also “Who’s ON / OFF First of All?” )


By New Media Works

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