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Self-Made World

I want to describe a storyline that I notice is used time and again … indeed, so much that it seems as if it were repetitive enough to come across as suspicious … . This is the myth of the “self-made man” (or woman? why not person? probably because it lacks the alliteration 😉 ).… Continue reading Self-Made World


Chill to Follow

There is a dim glow on the horizon, it is a wallowing in the comfortably numb state of golden slumbers. Humans are not all that special. We may be human, but we’re still animals. Steve Vai, “Liberty” (from the album “Passion and Warfare”) Like animals, we do not expect things “out of the ordinary” to… Continue reading Chill to Follow

Flat vs Deep — Frames & Hierarchies

This post may be a little bit unpolished and raw. I have been mulling it over in my mind for a few days, or rather the “it” (the post’s title) just became clear to me now at this moment … but I have been mulling something over for several days already without any clear unifying… Continue reading Flat vs Deep — Frames & Hierarchies