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A jumping off point for the truth

I listen to quite a few podcasts, and I have already mentioned some of them here before. Now I am going to mention an episode of “Factory Settings” (another episode of which I also mentioned a few months ago — see “There (but for the Grace of God) Go I“).

In this new (or at least more recent) episode, Bridget Phetasy asks two questions (actually she doesn’t actually ask them herself, but her husband asks them for her):

Did you ever trust the media? If you lost their trust, is there something they could do to regain your trust? [01:13]

What follows these questions is more than half an hour of questioning “the media” (which over the course of the discussion itself also becomes somewhat of a moving target), and at the end the conclusion is (more or less): anyone who trusts the media must be somewhat crazy.

For example, Bridget and Jeren pretty much completely agree that the self-portrayal of the media is as follows:

These cable news channels (in order to exist and define themselves) have to be defining themselves as the truth


… which both also seem to agree is completely ridiculous.

Yet then, finally, Jeren brings a quote (which the title of this post refers to), leading him and Bridget to list (and review) a few trusted sources. Thus, without skipping a beat, the two end the podcast by basically contradicting everything they had said beforehand. It is nothing short of absolute absurdity.

Yet I now wish to answer Bridget’s questions — which I knew “100 percent” as soon as I heard them (at the outset):

  • I trust rational media
  • I distrust irrational media

If you still don’t know about the difference between rational media and irrational media, you might want to check out “Introduction to Rational Media: Content vs. Container” [ ] (which I consider to be an excellent “jumping off point for the truth” 😉 ).


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