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The Law One

You might think I might now present an argument saying you should never kill anything, but if so then I’m afraid I am going to disappoint you.

Going back (anyone remember that song by Nils Lofgren?) … to the Seventies (I think), I arrive at this iconic line from a band called The Clash (perhaps the original “source” goes back even decades further — to The Crickets?):

I fought the law, and the law won.

MY source is “I fought the law and the law won” by The Clash

From which I now have formed this variation-on-a-theme:

Law 1: The Law always wins.


If the law doesn’t win, it’s probably simply no longer the law. You may speak of revolution, you may speak of regime change, … but you’re still gonna have to serve somebody. (Bob Dylan said that)

The thing about colossal and gargantuan organizations is that they don’t stop on a dime — whether or not they want to, can or whatever. My father used to say much the same about big ships: getting something like that to (stop and / or) turn around is quite difficult.

So what usually happens is what is now commonly referred as “lobbying” — and that does not mean simply hanging out in lobbies, but rather actively seeking out the law and shmoosing with the law, and ultimately to the point of mutual cooperation.

Since this has become the modus operandi for several centuries already, there is an awful lot of driftwood floatling along alongside these humungous ships that have amassed huge amounts of codes, rules and regulations over large spans of time that swimming against this mainstream is becoming nearly impossible.

Today, fighting the law seems futile — a fool’s errand. Alignment and shmoosing has a far greater chance of success. As I wrote once a long time (I think decades) ago here (@ Socio.BIZ ), this is particularly true when it comes to propaganda [ ].


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